China to India - welcome companies - warehouse options across India

Post COVID and lockdown situations in different parts of the country it has become important to produce locally. PM Modi has also shared his views on the same while his speech on lockdown 4.0. The situation is about to stay and we have to learn to live with this. 

The virus is such that it has restricted our movements. Traveling inter city is a challenge. International travel is a distant thing. We have to accept this as the new normal. 

What this calls for is making things locally. Make in India becomes far more relevant, and it's a necessity now. 

Global supply chain is hugely disrupted in the current situation. Countries have lost faith in China, it's role in contaminating spreading is definitely questionable. Huge number of companies are looking to exit China and few of countries are supporting such moves. For example Japan is helping a lot of companies to move their base out of China. 

This gives a great opportunity to India to attract such companies. This is not just an opportunity but a necessity, as India's huge consumption is required to be served. With lack of trust in Chinese products and the disrupted supply chain it becomes important to "Make in India".

All governments are taking steps to attract more investment. We at ONIX Advisors are also looking to contribute to rebuild and make our small contribution to help in recovery. 

We have great options for warehousing. We have warehouses on lease and sale in major warehousing locations of Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. We also have lands in sale, JD /JV & long term lease. With the warehouse builders we work, we offer huge opportunity to invest. 

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